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Young Advisors Team

The mission of the Young Advisors Team (YAT) is to SOW the value of membership with new and young advisors, so they are empowered to SURVIVE their first years in the business, to GROW into involved NAIFA members and become successful advisors who THRIVE in the industry and our association.

NAIFA created the Young Advisors Team (YAT) for members who are 40 years of age and under, or within their first five years in the industry. Its purpose is to ensure that young and new advisors receive the vital tools, resources, and networks necessary to succeed in the financial services industry.

There is no cost associated with being part of YAT; if you're 40 and under or within your first five years in the business, you are automatically part of YAT. Make sure that the Date of Birth and License Year fields in your profile are completed. If you're not sure if this information is in your profile, call the Member Service Center at 877-TONAIFA (877-866-2432) to verify.